A driver's license is a legal authorization, or the official document confirming such an authorization, for a specific individual to operate one or more types of motorized vehicles—such as motorcycles, cars, trucks, or buses—on a public road. Such licenses are often plastic and the size of a credit card.

Driving license in India is a permit to drive a specified category of the vehicle on the road, i.e. a two-wheeler, four-wheeler or a commercial vehicle as well, within territorial boundaries. Your Driving license is an official document issued by the Government of India to drive your car, truck, bus, bike, et all.

  • Requirement of document
    • Passport size photo
    • Aadhar card
    • Brith certi./School LC
    • Sample signature on a blank page
    • Electricity bill, Water bill, Bhadakarar
    • Blood group
    • Mobile number
    • Aadhar card / Election card