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Kuvarbai Mameru Yojana

In 2020 Gujarat government has launched the KuvarbaiMameruYojana for girls of specific castes in the state. ... This scheme is specially launched to give financial help to the Gujarat government at the time of marriage to every ST,SC and Binanamat girl in the entire state.

  • Requirement of document
    • Aadhaar card of bride and groom
    • Living certificate of the bride and groom
    • Bride’s bank passbook(In which father's name should be followed)
    • Marriage certificate
    • Certificate of income of the father of the bride(Less than 6 lakh for the city)
    • Cast certificate of the bride
    • 7. Ration card of the bride's father(Light bill / Lease Agreement / Election Card)
    • Passport size photo of the bride
    • Couple photo (size of 2 * 3)
    • Kankotri of marriage
    • Aadhar card of the bride's father